Take action today to get our certificate of GDPR compliancy. We will provide you with a compliancy scan and from there draw the route to full compliancy with GDPR.

From milestone to milestone to compliancy.

Our roadmap to your compliancy is a milestone based one, we have defined 7 milestones that sequentially lead to a compliant system within your company.  

Data registerInterviews with all the relevant divisions
Gather evidence
Define datasets
Define data subjects
Define data applications
Define data routes
Point out data processors and controllers
Storage securityResearch storage systems
Identify risks
Define procedures
Traffic securityAsses security of routes
Identify risks
Define procedures
Secure systemReview security
Mapping security
Close gap Stress test
ContractsIdentify needed contracts
Review contracts
Close gap
ProceduresIdentify needed procedures
Review existing procedures
Close gap
StatementsReview privacy statements
Review other relevant statements
Close gap

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